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Efficacy of Humalog mix 50 versus Novomix 30 in patients with Type 2 DM in Ramadan

Nur Aini EW, Fakulti Perubatan, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Sungai Buloh, Malaysia; Rosdina Zamrud AA, undefined; Fatimah Zaherah MS, undefined; Aimi Fadilah M, undefined; Nur Aisyah Z, undefined; Sharifah Faradila WMH, undefined; Mohd Hazriq A, undefined; Rohana AG, undefined

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The month of Ramadan has always been challenging to patients and doctors due to increased risk of hypo- and hyperglycaemia attributed to large meals during breaking of fast. Previous studies demonstrated that both Humalog mix 50 (Humalog) and Novomix 30 (Novomix) are safe in Ramadan. However, there is little information on their efficacy and safety in Asian populations.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Humalog in comparison to Novomix in patients with type 2 DM (T2DM) during Ramadan.


We performed a prospective study in T2DM patients attending Endocrinology Clinic UiTM, who fasted during Ramadan 2018. They were randomized to Humalog or Novomix 30. Weight and fructosamine pre- and post-Ramadan, capillary glucose at 4-points per day (pre-sahur, noon, pre-iftar and post-iftar) were recorded.


23 patients (15 Novomix and 8 Humalog) with overall mean age of 57 were analysed.

Novomix showed a better glycaemic trend at pre-sahur (8.3±1.8 vs 9.3±1.4), during the day (7.4±0.9 vs 7.7±1.5), and 2-hours post-iftar (10.1±2.7 vs 10.4±3.8), although not significant. There were 4 hypoglycaemia in Novomix arm (one with glucose 3.3 (noon during fasting), and the others with glucose 3.8. Fructosamine difference pre and post Ramadhan showed reduction of 12.62 (HbA1c 1.82%) in Humalog and 7.133 (HbA1c 1.73%) in Novomix (p=0.69).

Weight and waist circumference differences pre and post Ramadhan were not significant; with more weight reduction (-1.48 vs-0.53 kg) and waist circumference reduction (-1.07 vs +1.50 cm) with Novomix.


Humalog demonstrated similar efficacy and safety compared to Novomix during Ramadhan in T2DM with a potential benefit on fructosamine reduction.

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