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Prevalence and determination of risk factors of Heart Failure Preserve Ejection Fraction ( HFpEF ) in type II diabetes mellitus

Ahmad firdaus zakaria, Hospital UiTM puncak alam; Dr Syarifah Faradilla syed Hatta, Hospital UiTM Puncak Alam; Prof Dr Rohana Abd Ghani, Pusat Perubatan UiTM sungai Buloh; Dr Hafisyatul Aiza Zainal Abidin, Pusat Perubatan UiTM sungai Buloh; Prof Zaliha Ismail, Pusat Perubatan UiTM sungai Buloh

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Diabetes and heart failure are two major morbidity and mortality risks that has reached epidemic proportions worldwide. The number of patients with preserve ejection fraction heart failure appears to be increasing compared to reduce ejection fraction heart failure, due to increasing number of metabolic disease and diabetes mellitus. However, the prevalence and risk factors are currently not well studied in our population. The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence and associated factors of HFpEF  amongst T2DM patients attending clinics in Hospital UiTM


We conducted a cross sectional study including patients with T2DM, age > 18 years with exclusion criteria of patient who had known case of atrial fibrillation , ESRF and moderate to severe valvular heart disease between December 2021 until May 2022. Baseline demographic, anthropometric measurements, echocardiography and NTproBNP test were obtained based on ESC 2019 guideline


The study population (n=260) had a mean age of 61+5.4 years, median (IQR) duration of T2DM 10years(14) and 56% (n:147) of them are on insulin. The prevalence of HFpEF was 22% (n=55). Multiple logistic regression analysis revealed that female (OR 2.764, CI, 1.49-5.1, p=0.001) duration of diabetic (OR 1.033, CI 1.002-1.066, p=0.036), higher waist circumference (OR 1.023, CI 1.001-1.046, p=0.044), insulin usage (OR 2.587, CI 1.349-4.96, p=0.004) and 3 or more antihypertensives (OR 2.014, CI 1.510-2.688, p< 0.001) are predictors of HFpEF in this group of patients with T2DM


The prevalence of HFpEF amongst T2DM patients was high at 22%. The associated factors of HFpEF form our study includes female gender, longer duration of diabetes, higher waist circumference, insulin usage and high antihypertensive usage

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