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Proportion and factors associated with poor gylcaemic control among children and teenagers with diabetes

Dr Anhar Syazwan bin Muhammad Anuar, Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia; Dr Suhaimi bin Hussain, Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia

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To study the proportion of diabetes and predictors of poor glycemic control among paediatric patients that were under follow up in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia


Retrospective review of patient records from January 2014 to December 2018


A total of 111 subjects with the mean age (SD) years: 16.09 +/- 4.66 were studied. The commonest type of diabetes was type one; 64% (71) followed by type two; 26.1% (29) and others; 9.9% (11). Univariate analysis revealed age, height, insulin dose, type of diabetes, parental supervision and admission for DKA were significant predictors for poor glycemic control. However only age and admission for DKA: adjusted HR 95% CL; 1.182 (1.01,1.38) and 0.240 (0.06, 0.92) were significant after multivariate analysis


Type 1 diabetes was the commonest type (76%) and the overall glycaemic control was still poor; mean Hb1Ac %(SD); 10.31 +/- 2.43. Older age and history of DKA were the significant factors associated with poor glycemic control.

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